Supply Chain Design

Optimize your supply chain across your business

Your supply chain network, from raw materials to manufacturing to distribution to the customer, is a constantly evolving ecosystem that directly impacts:

  • Your ability to compete
  • Your ability to deliver to your customers
  • Your bottom line

PLG Consulting’s experts help design and optimize new or existing supply and distribution networks that maximize performance and optimize inventory levels, transit times, freight costs, and asset utilization.

With our technology-agnostic approach, our experts leverage the right tools to work with your available data and resources and develop a customized optimization plan that fully supports your business objectives.

charts for data analysis

Why PLG Consulting for supply chain design?

  • We start by understanding your commercial and business objectives and ensure that your supply chain design supports those objectives and lets you turn logistics into a competitive advantage.
  • Our team has decades of unique and specific expertise, including experienced professionals who have led the supply chain organizations of other major shippers. In other words, we have ‘walked the walk’ of senior executives looking to improve supply chain performance and lower costs.
  • Our analysis and solutions are practical and actionable. Rather than leaning on data and modeling tools that devolve into an exercise in abstract network optimization, our team brings decades of practical experience, delivering solutions that work in the real world. And, PLG Consulting provides not just the analysis and plan, but we help you implement those solutions with services in procurement, negotiations, site selection, and facility design and engineering.

Take advantage of the full PLG Consulting team and network to discover unique ideas, insights and knowledge.

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