Site Selection

Position yourself for long-term growth with the right site selection decision

The location of manufacturing and distribution sites can make or break profitability and competitiveness for the long term. PLG Consulting’s team of experts brings best practices in the analysis, negotiation, engineering, and start-up of new manufacturing locations and distribution hubs.

PLG Consulting’s site selection services extend from its supply chain consulting practice and support our clients by ensuring that location decisions are optimized according to a range of criteria, including:

  • Cost, proximity, and reliability of supply of inbound raw materials, parts, and feedstocks
  • Manufacturing and site operations costs, including labor, utilities, and local vendor base
  • Finished goods distribution costs and logistics
  • Economic incentives at the state and local level

Our proven site selection methodology is both transparent and collaborative.  Our process allows you to participate and understand each phase so that you can be confident of the quality and objectivity of the site selection criteria and analysis.  This clarity and objectivity are critical, especially for our larger clients in industries such as renewables, chemicalsminerals, and heavy manufacturing, having as much as several billion dollars riding on the right site selection decision.

Whether working with new assets or relocating existing ones, our network optimization capabilities and access to the latest technology tools allow us to provide you with multiple scenarios for site decisions.

Logistics infrastructure design and engineering

Impactful site evaluation and site selection projects are just two pieces of a complex logistics operations puzzle. PLG Consulting’s logistics design and engineering leverages the discovery from your site selection project, delivering functional facilities that support your business needs. Our logistics design and engineering capabilities can complement the EPC or general contractor’s work so the design and operations of logistics infrastructure, whether dock, roadway, rail, pipeline or material handling systems, are fine-tuned for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Incentives make a good site better, but they can’t make a bad site good

Often companies making site selection decisions over-emphasize state and local incentives in the site selection decision process.  While certainly valuable and getting more attention than ever as states battle to attract new manufacturing sites, incentives alone are rarely the driver of the long-term economic viability of a site. 

The supply chain of both inbound and outbound materials and finished goods, plus labor and operating costs, are normally larger economic influences in the 20+ year lifespan of a major manufacturing facility. PLG Consulting’s approach combines strong analytical rigor to support the economic validation of sites, with incentives being an important but supporting factor.

Your PLG Consulting team delivers practical solutions by consultants who have experience in your industry. It's just one of the ways we deliver results that are real world and actionable.

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