Due Diligence

Helping you mitigate risk and invest wisely in transportation and logistics

PLG Consulting’s operational and market due diligence projects cover a wide range of transportation and business assets. We work on behalf of some of the world’s largest private equity firms and corporate development departments.

We begin with a thorough understanding of your investment thesis and business objectives.  Through this lens, we use our decades of unique, specific expertise and experience to evaluate both current and future market opportunities, operational SWOT, and other criteria important to assess the viability of the deal.

Take advantage of our industry experience and unparalleled network

From the nexus of our logistics and supply chain expertise and deep industry vertical knowledge, we provide you with distinctive, practical and actionable insights, on your prospective investment opportunity.

  • Because of our specialized experience and expertise, we leverage our broad network of experts and analyze opportunities from all sides – investor, operator, competitor, and customers. Rising above theory, you get a very practical and real-world view of the opportunity.
  • We understand private equity, having worked with PE firms for over a dozen years. We ensure our analysis takes into account your investment thesis, whether targets are new, stand-alone acquisitions or bolt-ons to existing portfolio businesses.
  • We know that the goal of any pursuit is to find a way to make a deal work, even if operational or market challenges emerge during due diligence. For any threats or weaknesses revealed in investment targets, PLG Consulting identifies practical and actionable post-transaction mitigation strategies to help move the deal forward. Also, where such issues may affect valuation, PLG Consulting provides you with fact-based insights and analysis to help you arrive at appropriate valuations and deal structures.

Collaborating every step of the way to reach an actionable solution

We understand that deals run on their own timelines. PLG Consulting is nimble and flexible, aiding you in reacting quickly and keeping you informed to take advantage of opportunities.

Due diligence can often be a challenging and time-consuming process, but PLG Consulting will efficiently deliver you value in the process with fact and experience-based insights, analytics, and solutions to help you quickly assess opportunities, close deals when warranted, and achieve your investment goals.

PLG Consulting's consultants bring decades of specific industry experience which help us go beyond topical recommendations and identify potential issues before they become post-deal problems. Our due diligence means we advise you on possible actions that help a deal succeed.

Project Examples

    We are a bulk logistics and supply chain consulting firm who delivers customized and practical solutions to the industrial economy. Over 200 of the world’s most admired shippers, transportation service providers and PE firms trust us to help solve their complex logistics and supply chain challenges.


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