Assessment and Optimization

Improve your logistics. Improve your bottom line.

For products and commodities where logistics makes up a significant portion of the cost of goods sold, efficient logistics has a massive impact on the bottom line. Our clients often ask us to optimize their logistics and supply chain costs and ensure every link in the supply chain reliably reflects best-in-class performance. With PLG Consulting’s help, logistics becomes a competitive advantage for your organization.

Diagnostic logistics assessment

Diagnostic logistics assessments are one of the most powerful services we offer shippers.


1. Understanding your commercial and business objectives

By gaining a firm understanding of how logistics must support your overall business goals, our work proceeds with the right objectives in mind and prioritizes the biggest areas of impact.

2. Performing a comprehensive review by our expert team of all significant aspects of your logistics, including:

Freight Spend | Assets | Infrastructure | Process | Technology | Organizational Structure | Inventory Management | Distribution Network

For each of these elements, we provide an operational and cost assessment based on competitive and like-industry benchmarks, utilizing interviews, data analysis, site visits, external criteria, and our team’s decades of unique expertise and experience specific to your industry.

3. Providing a prioritized list of initiatives and actions targeting the greatest impact on your business goals

From the review, we present an attack list of activities designed to impact your organization’s objectives. Most importantly, all of PLG Consulting’s solutions and recommendations are practical and actionable. We also identify resources required for implementation. In most cases, you can execute the improvement initiatives yourself. However, in keeping with our promise to deliver practical, real-world value, PLG Consulting can execute any improvements you select for us.

We routinely deliver benefits in excess of 10x our professional fees.

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What can you expect from PLG Consulting’s diagnostic logistics assessment?


A thorough understanding of your organization's logistics SWOT, operations, and costs


Practical actions and solutions that you can implement to improve operations and optimize costs quickly and sustainably


Objective benchmarks and reference points to understand how your company performs against peers and similar industries


Transformation of your logistics from a cost center into a competitive advantage for your company

Project Examples

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