Welcome to PLG Consulting’s ‘Talking Logistics’ podcast series.  We’re excited to launch this new format for sharing our thought leadership.  The podcast series is designed to share insights on interesting and relevant topics for logistics and supply chain professionals.  Our host, Chris Bonura, will invite our industry consultants and partners to share their knowledge with you.  We invite you to listen, share, and reach out to PLG if we can help you with your next supply chain challenge.

Episode 5: Hydrogen – A Promising Renewable Fuel

Today’s podcast is focused on the exploration of Hydrogen as a renewable energy source in the United States. Hydrogen can be produced from a variety of sources, including natural gas, coal, and renewable sources like wind and solar. When used in fuel cells, hydrogen can generate electricity …. Read More

Episode 3: The Process of Selecting and Marketing Industrial Sites and Logistics Facilities

This episode’s topic discusses the process of selecting the right industrial site, transload locations and warehouses to optimize the supply chain. On the flip side, what is the best way for owners of industrial sites, ports, transloads and warehouses to market their facilities to users…. Read More

Episode 2: Tightness in the Trucking Market

Today’s podcast features our host, Chris Bonura, and trucking expert and PLG Consultant, Jon Gilbert. Jon has over 30 years of experience in truck freight, small package logistics, and supply chain optimization. Jon has strategically sourced over $150 million in logistics services in trucking… Read More


Episode 1: Intersection of E-Commerce and Intermodal Rail

Today’s podcast features our host, Chris Bonura, and veteran intermodal and rail transportation expert, John Tuttle.  John and Chris discuss the topic of the “Intersection of E-Commerce and Intermodal Rail”. In 2020 e-commerce sales grew by 32% and by more than 8 times the overall growth rate …. Read More

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