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  • April 15 - 17, 2019

DUG Permian Basin Conference

Is your organization looking to improve efficiency, cut costs or drive profitability? If so, you should attend PLG Consulting’s Taylor Robinson’s session on the proppant market at the DUG Sand Conference at DUG Permian basin, April 15-17 in Fort Worth, Texas. You can expect a big-picture overview of the industry covering everything from sourcing to downhole delivery and specific strategies to help you improve your organization.  Taylor will take questions after the session, but if you’d like to submit questions before the event for possible inclusion in the presentation itself or would like to connect at the event, please contact us.

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  • May 16-17

North American Rail Shippers (NARS) Annual Meeting

The North American Rail Shippers Association links rail owners, vendors and users in Canada, Mexico and the United States. PLG Consulting is pleased to be invited to speak on the topic of Energy by Rail at this annual event. You can expect us to provide a high-level, state-of-the-industry overview as well as specific strategies to accelerate improvement in your organization. Contact us if you’d like to meet in Texas.

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