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Frac Sand Market and Logistics, Plus Special Report on Permian Takeaway Logistics

Frac sand supply was barely keeping up with growing demand in the 2nd quarter. What's changed in Q3? Learn more in PLG Consulting's free presentation. [Continue Reading]

North American Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Supply Chain: Latest Impact to Rail

Addressing some of the most significant issues currently facing oil & gas and petrochemical rail shippers, download this complimentary presentation and keep current on trends in the industry. [Continue Reading]

How Northeast Petrochemical Logistics Will Change the Industry Landscape

PLG Consulting was invited to speak at the 2018 Northeast U.S. Petrochemical Construction Conference where, in this presentation, we contributed to an overview of supply chain & logistics investments and developments currently underway and planned to support the growth of plastics manufacturing in the region. Check out our event presentation. [Continue Reading]

3 Key Megatrends Shaking Up the Frac Sand Market [Webinar Recording]

In this free webinar recording, you'll hear about trends in the frac sand market and get ideas on how to turn frac sand logistics into a competitive advantage. [Continue Reading]

Frac Sand Megatrends

Frac sand continues to play an important role in the Permian Basin.  Legacy mines are running at capacity and new mines are coming on board every day in order to meet demand. Download this presentation given at the 2018 DUG Permian Conference to learn more about the megatrends in frac sand and how they might impact your organization. [Continue Reading]

A Problem In The Permian [Whitepaper]

Pipeline capacity in the Permian Basin is approaching maximum capacity. Even if sending crude by rail or truck, PLG Consulting predicts takeaway constraints will leave billions of dollars of crude in the ground and shippers struggling with production over the next 16 months. Download our free whitepaper to learn more about this potential crisis and what, if anything, can be done about it. [Continue Reading]

The U.S. Truck Market In Crisis [Webinar Recording]

Watch this free webinar recording and learn how shippers, carriers and other stakeholders are navigating the truck driver supply shortage, rising freight demand, tougher regulations and inflationary trucking costs. [Continue Reading]

From Drilling To Downstream: Opportunities And Challenges For Rail

With new highs in crude, NGL, and natural gas production, the US is leveraging abundant and low-cost hydrocarbons to become one of the largest suppliers of energy and chemicals to the world. Why is this happening and what does it mean for rail shipments and car demand in sand, refined products, chemicals, and other commodities? Learn more. [Continue Reading]

The Future Has Arrived: Petrochemicals and Energy By Rail

How is surging hydrocarbons production creating new rail-served energy export opportunities to Mexico? When we can expect the wave of resin rail shipments and exports to begin? How is the US poised to become one of the largest suppliers of energy and chemicals to the world? Read more. [Continue Reading]

PLG Speaks at NIT League Transportation Summit 2018

A must read for today’s shipper: PLG Consulting President Taylor Robinson shared his presentation entitled “Today’s Logistics Challenges Require ‘Disruptive’ Actions for Future Success” during the Supply Chain and Workforce Development portion of the NITL 2018 Annual Meeting in Addison, TX. [Continue Reading]

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