Navigating in a Volatile World – Challenges in the Plastic Market

Navigating in a Volatile World - Challenges in the Plastic Market Chemicals, Plastics & Polymers Pricing and Supply Chain Trends

PLG Consulting’s CEO Graham Brisben presented “Navigating a Volatile World – Challenges in the Plastic Market” at the recent AWA Global Release Liner Conference & Exhibition in Chicago, Illinois.  

After almost two years since COVID-19 struck the world, where does the polyolefin market stand now?  And what are the perspectives for plastics in general?  Shortages of supply, logistics constraints, variants, vaccines, sustainability, bans, pricing, globalization, and other major hot topics are impacting the way we search and buy products, the way we perceive brands, and the way we do business with each other.

This presentation will show how all these major trends are reshaping the global plastic business today and in the near future, focusing on markets and applications to give the attendees a roadmap of how to navigate the endless opportunities that the plastic business brings in this new volatile world.  In this presentation you will learn:

  • Main challenges within the Plastics Market include:
    • Economic trends
    • Unbalanced supply and demand
    • Pricing dynamics
    • Supply chain and logistics disruptions
    • Environmental issues and shift to a circular economy
    • Key trends for converters 
    • Market drivers