Investment Strategy

As the industry experts in bulk logistics, we are uniquely qualified as an emerging investment strategy group. The PLG team has specific real-time knowledge and experience in the energy, chemical, and logistics markets with a deep understanding of supply, demand, and the transportation networks within them. This gives us the expertise to advise our clients in matters of investment strategy and corporate development including: merger & acquisition, due diligence, and target market analysis in industries that are dependent on reliable and efficient logistics. Since 2005 PLG has worked with some of the largest and most respected private equity and investment banks in the world on a wide range of transactions.


Global Investment Firm

The Goldman Sachs Special Situations Group sought to invest in one of the leading bulk rail transloading companies in the US. Client engaged PLG for operational and commercial due diligence on the target company

Scope of services

  • Assess operational capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, and risks
  • Provide competitor overview and analysis
  • Assess market position and reputation with current and future customers
  • Identify risks and potential mitigation strategies that could preserve the deal

PLG Expert Analysis and Results

  • Provided client with thorough analysis on target’s operational capabilities and limitations
  • Helped client justify valuation through assessment of target’s market position, pricing power, and competitive barriers to entry
  • Revealed key risk area in environmental and safety practices, while concurrently developing a mitigation plan consisting of training, protocols, and auditing
  • Transaction was successfully closed and PLG was retained for post-transaction services to mitigate primary risk. PLG developed new procedures for handling hazardous materials, developed new training and documentation for hazmat transloading, and then developed and executed a program of site audits for 18 months to ensure compliance and industry best practices

Private Equity Firm

A large, global private equity firm hired PLG to perform an independent and objective due diligence analysis of a target acquisition candidate (Western U.S. barge operator). PLG was selected based on past performance with the client for diligence work of a large logistics provider acquisition. PLG leveraged their broad talent network to bring specific market experts to analyze the current and future regional logistics market for the target’s three highest value commodities. PLG’s research was critical assistance for the client’s valuation and offer process.

Scope of Services

  • Reviewed and analyzed information provided via target’s data room
  • Provided in-depth market analysis of three key commodities that target company handled including addressable market size and potential modal share
  • Provided high-level market analysis for three additional commodities
  • Assessed competitive market dynamics with existing competition and potential new entrants

PLG Expert Analysis and Results

PLG’s work provided client with specific risk and opportunity analysis for the major commodities including current supply and demand market conditions, supply/demand balance conclusions, and future competitive landscape. PLG provided client with specific market and target growth analysis to enable client to finalize offer process.


The PLG Experts


Jean Arndt

Senior Consultant

Jean is an accomplished career logistics executive with over 35 years’ experience in the rail, distribution, and transportation consulting industries. She has in-depth expertise in a wide variety of disciplines, including logistics/railroad network operations and transportation analysis; problem solving and process simplification; systems design, and development and implementation. She is PLG Consulting’s lead Project Manager for rail and petroleum related projects.


  • Director Customer Solutions & Network Management, R. R. Donnelly & Sons Co.
  • V.P. Network Support, BNSF Railway


Rail Management Systems

Diagnostic Assessments

Rail Process Improvement

Rate & Fleet Analysis

Network Design


Due Diligence


Supply chain

Tim Rhoads

Senior Consultant

Tim is an accomplished 30-year chemicals supply chain professional with leadership experience in merger & acquisition, divestiture, and consolidation initiatives within two global matrix organizations. As a key member of PLG’s Chemicals Team, Tim delivers value to clients in both the chemical and oil & gas mid-stream markets.


  • Managing Partner, Kelekent Systems, LLC
  • Supply Chain Director, Arkema Coating Resins, UCAR Emulsion Systems & Monomers
  • Senior Supply Chain Manager, Dow Chemical Designed Polymers & Dow Latex


Supply Chain Strategy/Design

Logistics Design Improvements

Operations Cost Efficiency

Lean Six Sigma


Mike Spahis

Senior Consultant

Mike is an accomplished career logistics executive with over 30 years of experience in the petroleum, chemical, and metals industries. He has in-depth knowledge in a wide variety of disciplines, including commercial and operational logistics, logistics technology, and performance metrics across all transportation modes.


  • Director of Logistics, Commercial Metals Company
  • Manager Logistics and Customer Service, Methanex Corporation
  • Manager Corporate Logistics and Distribution, FINA Oil and Chemical Company


Petroleum, Petrochemical, and Plastics Supply Chain

Logistics Diagnostic Assessments

Common Carrier/Private Truck Fleet

Supply Chain Performance

Crude by rail / canada

Phil Ireland

Senior Consultant

Phil Is a senior level executive in supply chain management, asset sizing, strategy and network optimization achieved by working over 30 years in Canadian Pacific Railway. He has specific experience in developing crude by rail supply chain solutions including asset optimization and terminal development. Based in Calgary, AB, he brings special expertise in Canadian oil sands crude and the associated transportation, terminal, production and refining needs.


  • Board Member, Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad
  • V.P. Service Design & Asset Optimization, Canadian Pacific Railway


Railroad Operations

NA Freight RR Network

Strategic Assessment

Strategic Planning

Due Diligence


Project Development

Bill Graham

Senior Consultant

Bill has over 20 years of business development experience in the environmental services industry – specializing in transportation logistics, renewable energy production, solid waste management, and site remediation. As a project manager, Bill utilizes his expertise and experience in large-scale facility siting, environmental permitting, development, and project finance.


  • VP Project Development, General Biofuels
  • Solar & Wind Energy Project Finance, Banco Santander, S.A.
  • Vice President, Waste Solutions Group
  • Environmental Consultant, EBA Wastechnologies, Inc.


Project Management


Rail Yard Design

Facility Operations

Biomass Energy

Wind/Solar Energy

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