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The rapidly-growing energy economy is being driven by innovations in science, technology, engineering, and, of course, logistics. PLG Consulting’s team members have played an integral role in establishing industry-changing supply chains by successfully designing and implementing facility, operational, process and equipment solutions in partnership with our clients in multiple energy industry segments.

Oil and Gas

PLG’s seasoned experts have worked with some of the oil and gas industry’s most successful companies to help them develop and optimize cost-efficient supply chains. Our extensive market experience and involvement has allowed us to help major upstream material suppliers, E&Ps, oil field service, midstream, and refining companies to make good decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

Renewable Fuels

Whether it is the liquid fuels market (such as ethanol and biodiesel) or dry bulk biomass (wood chips, pellets, energy grasses), PLG brings direct experience in the transportation, handling, and distribution of these renewable fuels. An important key to success in this industry involves streamlining the logistical movements into and out of biofuels/biomass manufacturing facilities to end users. PLG can analyze, recommend, and assist in implementing the most cost-effective, end-to-end supply chain.

Wind Energy

PLG is the preeminent logistics consultancy to the global wind energy industry. Since 2006, we have worked with wind turbine manufacturers, component suppliers, project developers, and transport providers to optimize their global logistics costs. Our project engagements and expertise have focused on the changing dynamics of the industry, as larger turbines and new technologies have required continuous evolution of transportation processes, methods, modes, and management.

Coal and Petcoke

PLG’s veteran team has an extensive history of working with major coal and petcoke producers and consumers, bringing expertise in all relevant aspects of related transportation to remove costs and improve supply chain efficiency. Our services include rail contract negotiations, railcar fleet optimization, facility assessment, multi-modal strategies (rail, barge, and truck), and other supply chain considerations.

Bulk Commodities

The transportation and logistical handling of bulk commodities is a core competency at PLG, requiring both an expertise in the products as well as the modes of transport on which they are dependent. Since the company began over ten years ago, PLG has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies optimize and improve their bulk commodity logistics.

Agricultural Products and Fertilizers

The PLG team brings decades of experience in the facility design and transportation of agricultural commodities and fertilizer, as well as strong, current relationships with related logistics providers. This experience, combined with our expertise in rail, barge, and truck transportation, allows us to help industry clients reduce logistics costs and improve operational efficiency.

Chemicals and Polymers

Due to the complex supply chain, hazardous operations, and safety considerations, working in the chemical industry requires unique expertise. Over the years, PLG’s chemical industry experts have worked with many of the world’s largest chemical companies to identify cost savings, operational improvements, risk mitigations, and opportunities to leverage competitive advantage while maintaining a focus on safety and customer service.

The polymer industry is global in nature with product moving within national boundaries and overseas. A variety of types of polymers can move by several transportation modes (rail, van truck, bulk truck, intermodal, container) and in several types of packaging variations (bulk, bag, boxes) and PLG has experience in sorting out the best solution quickly for their polymer clients. PLG initially started with a focus on serving the polymer industry and has partnered with numerous plastics companies to improve the competitiveness of their supply chains over the years.

Sand and Proppants

PLG has extensive experience with shale oil and gas clients in developing and implementing sand/proppant supply chains with extensive experience in the frac sand market, including infrastructure considerations and development of multi-modal solutions to reduce costs. We have worked with major E&P, pumping and transloader companies, as well as sand/proppant suppliers, to create and implement high-performing logistical networks, providing strategy development, unit train facility due diligence and design, railcar leasing/management, logistics assessments and commercial negotiations.

Frac Sand Experience

Investment Strategy


Investment Strategy Development

Our private equity and corporate business development clients benefit from the decades of experience and common-sense approach that our consultants bring to the research and expert analysis of industry trends, market opportunities, and portfolio diversification. We can work with you to evaluate and understand your logistics sector investment strategy and goals, and collaborate to provide a new strategy with established milestones and controls.

Market Analysis and Target Identification

As you consider logistics-related investments our veteran team can work with you to hone a strategic plan in target markets. We will assess and research market sectors in detail to identify a prioritized list of targets with the maximum opportunity. PLG brings the market experts to the process which speeds the research and quickly drives the process in the right direction.

Due Diligence

PLG Consulting has years of experience in performing in-depth due diligence research for its private equity clients. We research and analyze all the relevant legal and financial documentation on the target to provide an in-depth operational and asset assessment, identify risk, determine opportunities, and perform pro forma analysis. Our goal is that you have confidence in all logistics-related aspects of your investment decisions.

Post-Transaction Transitional and Operational Support

After a transaction there is still work to be done. Our analysis will include a proactive strategy, “first 100 days” plan, and cost-out initiative game plans. The PLG team will identify key personnel and provide the necessary support for a smooth transition. We can assist in the management of major improvement projects and implement determined key performance indicators to achieve an optimal operating rhythm.

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