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We synchronize logistics, site selection, and operational strategies to maximize warehouse performance.

At PLG Consulting, our team of seasoned professionals offers customized warehouse optimization solutions tailored to match your business needs and growth aspirations. We’re at the forefront of the digital revolution that’s reshaping supply chains, and our experts are poised to guide you through the complexities of this shift to enhance your warehousing, distribution, and logistics functions.


PLG Consulting’s proficiency extends across the storage and handling of a variety of commodities and goods, encompassing chemicals, oil and gas, bulk commodities, and manufactured goods. We excel in the key aspects of warehouse optimization, including planning, efficiency improvements, operations, and site selection for warehouses and distribution centers. Our knowledge spans all transportation methods – rail, intermodal, marine, terminals, truck, and pipeline, enabling us to create integrated strategies that harmonize your warehouse operations with your current and potential logistics partners. Our expertise caters to an array of warehouse and distribution center types:


Warehousing and distribution centers

3PL warehouse operations

Warehouse developers/owners

Warehouse logistics across all modes – rail, intermodal, marine, truck, and pipeline

Terminals and transload facilities

How We Drive Your Success

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We marry logistics, site selection and operations strategies to improve warehouse productivity

Our distribution point services are married together to optimize and expand your warehouse and logistics footprint for a seamless go-to-market.

Holistic Warehouse Optimization
We analyze and optimize warehouse configurations to create a resilient supply chain that transforms logistics into a strategic advantage.

Operational Excellence
Through rigorous assessments and carefully crafted recommendations, we drive operational improvements, ensuring that your warehouses and terminals operate at peak efficiency, whilst adhering to all safety, health, environmental, and security regulations.

Technology Evaluation and Implementation
We guide you in the selection and implementation of the most appropriate warehouse management systems (WMS), inventory control solutions, and other technologies to streamline operations and reduce costs.

Site Assessment and Selection
We support businesses in identifying, assessing, and deciding on the ideal site for their new warehouse or distribution center, taking into account vital industrial, logistical, and economic factors to confirm the viability of the investment.

Procurement Support
Our team has successfully aided numerous clients in securing warehousing services, guaranteeing competitively priced contracts backed by performance-related clauses.

Business Strategy Formulation
For warehouse service providers, we help devise strategies and gather market intelligence that facilitate entry into new markets and enhance asset utilization. With PLG Consulting as your trusted partner, you're on the right path to warehouse optimization, ensuring your business is primed for growth and success.

Whether you’re looking to optimize your current warehouse facilities or procure new locations, our experts have on average over 20 years of experience in supply chain management and logistics.

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