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We synergize logistics, site selection, and operational strategies to elevate warehouse design and functionality.

At PLG Consulting, our team of industry-leading experts specialize in providing warehouse design solutions to align with your business’s unique requirements and growth objectives. We recognize the transformative impact of the digital era on supply chains, and we’re here to navigate you through these shifts in order to enhance your warehousing, distribution, and logistics strategies.


PLG Consulting is adept at addressing the unique requirements that come with the storage of diverse commodities and goods, from chemicals, oil and gas, to bulk commodities and manufactured goods. We’re well-versed in all phases of the warehouse design process, including planning, optimization, operations, and site selection for warehouses and distribution centers. Our expertise spans across all transport modes – rail, intermodal, marine, terminals, truck, and pipeline, helping us formulate comprehensive strategies that align your warehouse design with existing and potential logistics partners. Our services cater to a variety of warehouse and distribution center types:


Warehouse and distribution centers

3PL warehouse operators

Warehouse developers/owners

Warehouse logistics across all modes – rail, intermodal, marine, truck, and pipeline

Terminals and transload facilities

How We Facilitate Your Success

How we help

We marry logistics, site selection and operations strategies to improve warehouse productivity

Our distribution point services are married together to optimize and expand your warehouse and logistics footprint for a seamless go-to-market.

Comprehensive Warehouse Design Solutions
We design and optimize warehouse layouts, ensuring a robust supply chain that positions logistics as your competitive advantage.

Operational Efficiency
Our evaluations and proposals facilitate operational enhancements, ensuring your warehouses and terminals operate smoothly and in compliance with safety, health, environmental, and security standards.

Technological Assessment and Integration
We assist in determining and integrating the most suitable warehouse management systems (WMS), inventory management tools, and other technologies to optimize costs and enhance operations.

Site Selection and Evaluation
We guide businesses in locating, evaluating, and choosing the optimal site for their new warehouse or distribution center, considering key industrial, logistical, and economic factors to ensure the investment is sound.

Procurement Assistance
Our team has assisted numerous clients in procuring warehousing services, ensuring cost-effective contracts backed by performance clauses.

Strategic Business Planning
For warehouse service providers, we assist in formulating strategies and gathering intelligence that enable them to penetrate new markets and optimize asset usage. With PLG Consulting, you gain a reliable partner dedicated to transforming your warehouse design strategies to drive business growth and success.

Whether you’re looking to optimize your current warehouse facilities or procure new locations, our experts have on average over 20 years of experience in supply chain management and logistics.

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