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A nearly $800B market in the U.S., trucking is integral to the national economy and North American supply chain. Take your seat at the table.

Since its inception, PLG Consulting has consulted in all aspects of truck transportation on behalf of shippers, carriers, and investors. Our proven track record includes work in trucking procurement, operations, due diligence, business analysis, equipment, and optimization across all variations of trucking.

PLG’s trucking expertise encompasses Van/TL, LTL, flatbed, liquid bulk, dry bulk, specialized/heavy-haul, and drayage consulting services.

Who We Serve


PLG Consulting helps some of the largest truck shippers in North America lower costs, improve reliability and optimize the use of truck across a broad range of commodities, including bulk materials, chemicals, minerals and metals, oil and gas products, and manufactured goods.

Service Providers

PLG Consulting helps service providers improve truck operations and lower costs via strategic and operational guidance and private fleet analysis.


Our M&A advisory experience in the truck industry includes acquisition due diligence, investment thesis, and target identification for both corporate M&A and private equity clients and on projects throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico.
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Our Services

Carrier Negotiations

Your operations depend on reliable transportation of raw materials and finished goods, and your bottom line depends on delivering to customers safely and economically. We help negotiate millions of dollars in savings from truck freight costs, while optimizing the capacity of truck resources to ensure supply chain reliability for clients. Let PLG Consulting experts help ensure your truck logistics fully support your commercial and business objectives.

Network Optimization

For some of the largest truck shippers in North America, PLG Consulting has helped optimize the use of trucks across a broad range of commodities, including bulk materials, chemicals, minerals and metals, oil and gas products, and manufactured goods. PLG Consulting has helped carriers improve their businesses and lower operating costs with strategic and operational guidance. See our insights here.

Private Fleets

PLG Consulting works extensively in the area of private fleet operations, analysis, and costing. We can help you determine if private fleet operations are right for your organization. For existing operations, we can help you:

  • Optimize assets and route networks
  • Develop dispatching protocols and implement state-of-the-art technology
  • Integrate ELD data for compliance and operational improvement


PLG’s trucking expertise areas include:

  • Van/TL
  • LTL
  • Flatbed
  • Liquid bulk
  • Dry bulk
  • Specialized/heavy-haul
  • Drayage
We help you gain a thorough understanding of your organization’s logistics strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT), along with a detailed grasp of operations and costs, laying the groundwork for strategic enhancements and efficiency in your logistics processes. Then, we implement practical actions and solutions that can swiftly and sustainably enhance operations and reduce costs, transforming logistics from a mere cost center into a significant competitive advantage for your company.
By establishing objective benchmarks and reference points, PLG gauges your company’s performance against peers and similar industries, ensuring a clear perspective on where improvements can be made. Then, we optimize operations from there.

Our Truck Transportation Insights

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