Pipeline expertise for energy and chemical products

For over 20 years, PLG Consulting has been providing expert pipeline logistics, operations, and strategy consulting for a wide range of clients. Our clients include producers, midstream companies, and major refiners/users of fuels and gas products that include:

  • Crude oil
  • Refined products
  • Biofuels
  • NGLs
  • Hydrogen

We also provide expertise in tactical and strategic pipeline development, engineering, and the overall operations of gas control, technical services, pipeline operations, processing plants, liquid storage, and gas storage fields. For investors we help private equity firms and corporations evaluate potential acquisitions and partnerships.

PLG Consulting is dedicated to delivering competent advice for producers/refiners and major shippers, pipeline carriers, and investors.


How we help

For producers, refiners and major shippers of pipeline products, our expertise is logistics – helping these clients to understand and access the North American pipeline infrastructure and system cost-efficiently to move the products they produce. We excel in:

  • Market Analysis:  We have helped producers and refiners of pipeline products understand commodity markets and develop strategies for growth.
  • Logistics procurement: Logistics is a competitive advantage when procured safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. We help our clients with access to pipeline transportation, contract negotiations and compliance.

For private equity firms or corporations looking potential acquisitions or partnerships,  PLG Consulting’s services include:

  • Market Analysis:  We have helped investors/pipelines understand commodity markets and develop strategies for growth.
  • Economic due diligence:  Whether for acquisitions or divestitures, PLG Consulting helps pipeline carriers assess acquisition/merger targets strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities across the market.

Pipeline expertise requires staying abreast of the changing political landscape

Our experts are veterans of the pipeline industry and its development. Federal and State legislations impact the viability of pipeline development, its products and geography of transport. Access our real-world practitioners to help guide your business decisions.

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Project Examples

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