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The flexibility of intermodal container shipping makes it a key format for shipping finished goods and even many bulk products. Just as the intermodal box shifts seamlessly from one mode to another, PLG’s team of experts provide insights across ocean, rail or truck freight modes. We are well acquainted with the consumer and dry products transported in conventional boxes and with the liquid commodities transported in ISO tanks.  Our range of intermodal expertise is also reflected in the varied clients whom we have helped. From shippers to carriers and service providers, from investors to operators, from importers to exporters, we stand ready to offer the strategic and tactical advice grounded in a practical, hands-on approach to the market.

How we help

For intermodal rail projects, PLG Consulting is the go-to expert resource for:

  • Market Analysis:  Evaluating investment opportunities in intermodal rail projects from both an on-dock rail and inland rail terminals
  • Due diligence:  Providing support for building pro-forma financial statements for terminal development or acquisition
  • Assessment and Procurement: Developing strategies to compare intermodal rail against other transportation options, understanding the rate environment and providing support to procure intermodal rail services

For projects related to ocean freight and terminals, PLG Consulting is the go-to expert resource for:

  • Market Analysis:  We have helped evaluate the market for projects to add container terminal capacity.
  • Due diligence:  We have provided support for building pro-forma financial statements for terminal development.
  • Assessment and Optimization: We have developed strategies for shippers of consumer-packaged goods and industrial products alike to improve and track ocean carrier performance. We have provided strategic and tactical support for container shippers facing challenging container freight bottlenecks.
  • Procurement: We have managed tenders for ocean freight on behalf of container shippers.

For intermodal trucking, PLG Consulting is the go-to expert resource for:

  • Assessment and Optimization: We have helped clients maximize their drayage capacity and ensure that intermodal trucking processes are coordinated with warehousing and other links in the supply chain.
  • Procurement: We offer comprehensive support to shippers who need strategic or tactical support in procuring intermodal trucking in today’s challenging rate environment.

PLG is your partner for intermodal transportation strategy, infrastructure, planning, operations, and investment.

Our experts stand ready to assist you across the spectrum of commodities, transportation modes, and consulting services that touch on the movement of international and domestic containers.

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