Innovations in energy require innovations in logistics

Across the spectrum of renewable energies and technologies, supply chain efficiency and cost competitiveness continue to be a key aspect of enabling market adoption. For over the last ten years, PLG Consulting is honored to have the trust of its clients to help bring about the future of energy, basic materials, and ESG objectives of producers, consumers, and investors.

PLG Consulting has advised on multiple renewables projects, providing market analysis, site selection, logistics procurement, and engineering for:

  • Refineries, chemical producers, and bulk terminals
  • Landfill operators, CNG/LNG, and renewable diesel
  • Waste plastic feedstock and midstream operators

PLG Consulting’s representative work and expertise in the logistics of renewables technologies include:


How we help

PLG Consulting is at the forefront of the transformation of the global liquid fuels supply.  Specifically, PLG Consulting has been deeply involved in the renewable diesel space and its attendant issues and challenges in optimizing inbound feedstocks and outbound finished product to the growing low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) markets.

  • Network sourcing and supply chain strategy for feedstocks, including biomass, soybean oil, DCO, animal fats, and used cooking oil (UCO)
  • Railcar fleet sizing, specifications, and sourcing for both feedstocks and finished product
  • Multi-modal transloading, storage, and distribution strategy and implementation
  • Logistics assessments and optimization for new plant sites, including rail access, plant site infrastructure design and engineering, and inventory and storage requirements

PLG Consulting’s expertise in renewables extends to RNG and LFG, from collection at the biogas source to the transportation of product to customers. Examples of PLG’s capabilities include:

  • Optimizing new or existing project valuation
  • Evaluation, sourcing, and supply of feedstocks originating from dairies, wastewater treatment plants, agricultural wastes and byproducts, or other sources
  • Anaerobic digester technology assessments and applications to optimize methane recovery
  • Biogas collection at the source
  • Conversion of biogas to renewable energy sources, including power generation, combined heat and power (CHP), or upgrading to RNG (biomethane).
  • Pipeline injection and virtual pipeline (trucking) transportation options for delivery to end users
  • Assessments related to environmental credits and programs, such as carbon credits, low carbon fuel standards (LCFS) and renewable identification number credits (RINS)
  • Identifying markets for biomethane and facilitating offtake agreements

PLG Consulting has been tasked by its clients to help bring logistics solutions as innovative as the mission itself – capturing and repurposing the 90+% of post-consumer waste plastics that currently end up in landfills, oceans, waterways, beaches, and elsewhere. Our expertise spans:

  • Network optimization and transportation modeling for waste plastics of multiple grades from municipal recycling facilities (MRF)s across the US
  • Site selection for new processing and aggregation sites, including the total cost to serve, the total cost to build, and incentive negotiations
  • Plant site logistics infrastructure design and engineering, including warehouse facilities, rail infrastructure, loading racks, marine docks, and tankage. Also includes inventory modeling and facility sizing for adequate storage capacity for both feedstocks and finished products
  • Logistics strategy, negotiations, procurement, and operations planning for outbound finished liquid and dry products

Innovation to help green technologies succeed

PLG Consulting helps clients adapt and invent supply chains for emerging renewable products

As rapid technological advances have brought new clean sources of energy and basic materials to market, logistics solutions needed to support those innovations have, in some cases, not even been invented yet.  Traditional approaches to supply chain elements such as sourcing, mode selection, inventory management, technology, and network optimization may require modification or outright disruption in order to ensure that renewable technologies can be reliably and cost-efficiently implemented. 

PLG Consulting experts have helped “turn the box” and answer the question, “How can we do this?” to help clients achieve ESG goals and bring green energy solutions to the market.  Project experience includes:

Other services we have provided in the area of renewables include assessment and optimization (operational improvement and cost-out), supply chain design, operations, and due diligence

PLG Consulting's team of experts is at the forefront of the renewables industry to help you capitalize on this growth and accelerate market adoption for a better world.

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