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Invest wisely with unbiased expertise for logistics-related investments

PLG Consulting brings extensive industry experience to private equity firms across the globe, providing operational and commercial due diligence and other strategic guidance in both buy and sell side situations. Private equity clients engage PLG to ensure the effective, risk-mitigated, and market savvy deployment of capital on a broad range of transportation and logistics companies serving the industrial economy.

PLG’s unique value for due diligence projects comes from its extensive network of over 50 industry veterans, ensuring that our PE clients receive practical, real-world insights.   Our consultants brings years of practiced experience in senior roles with major shippers, carriers, service providers, engineering firms, and other backgrounds to quickly help you understand the financial and operational nuances of specific opportunities. Our team works to understand your investment criteria and assembles the ‘right’ team to provide unbiased advice, risk assessment and mitigation strategies to help you quickly secure a successful deal.

Our private equity services include mergers and acquisition due diligence, assessment of core and adjacent markets, and business strategy development.


How we help

We’ve conducted dozens of due diligence projects focused on logistics and supply chain aspects and targets for mergers and acquisitions (M & A).  Our experience includes due diligence for transportation assets as well as operating businesses across all surface transportation modes and serving a wide range of industries.  Project experience includes:

  • Operational due diligence, including organization, processes, technology, and KPIs across any surface transportation mode, service, or asset
  • Safety/security risk analysis, including HESS
  • Commercial due diligence, including competitor analysis, underlying market analysis, pricing analysis, and growth strategies
  • Management evaluation, and leveraging the PLG network in those cases that may require new or additional leadership talent post-transaction
  • Valuation, buy vs. lease analysis, and negotiations support for logistics assets, including trucksrailcarsmarine equipment, terminals , and rail and dock infrastructure
  • Post-transaction risk mitigation and growth strategies

PLG brings one-of-a-kind specialized expertise to every due diligence engagement, allowing us to quickly engage and identify ‘red flag’ issues ahead of deeper dive reviews of operational and commercial factors.  In addition, we pride ourselves on being able to not only identify risks and headwinds facing investment targets, but also laying out post-transaction risk mitigation and growth strategies to enable a successful close.

PLG Consulting helps you assess the market landscape for your potential investment by analyzing existing market conditions and opportunities or the viability of entering new markets. We also help PE firms to enable faster growth of their investments by more effectively leveraging logistics as a competitive advantage.

  • Market analysis and assessment outlining existing/future market opportunities
  • Comprehensive logistics assessments – spanning freight spend, assets, infrastructure, personnel, processes, technology, and other key elements of the supply chain

PLG Consulting helps to optimize or architect business strategies pre- and post-transaction to drive operational performance, cost savings and enable growth. Practical and actionable strategies help move the deal forward and provide a roadmap for investors and business owners. Some of PLG’s business strategy deliverables include:

  • Supply chain design and distribution network optimization
  • Technology solutions for transportation, warehouse, and inventory management
  • Site selection and plant design & engineering
  • Transportation and logistics services procurement

From conception to integration, PLG Consulting brings impartial and objective advice to advance your deal and drive growth.

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