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Improve your end-to-end oil and gas logistics and supply chain

Upstream, midstream or downstream, PLG Consulting helps companies to optimize their hydrocarbons supply chain throughout North America and the world.

Our oil and gas logistics and supply chain expertise extends to both the upstream world of production as well as the downstream world of refining and distribution. Our unparalleled thought leadership in this area reflects a deep understanding of oil and gas logistics and the complexities of competing within the dynamic markets of crude oil, natural gas, hydrocarbon gas liquids (HGL), and refined products.

Particularly since the advent of unconventional oil and gas industry production in North America involving US shale plays and Canadian oil sands production, PLG Consulting has been on the leading edge of logistics and supply chain requirements for the entire upstream to downstream value chain.


How we help

Take advantage of PLG Consulting’s decades of unique, real-world expertise in the oil and gas industry. Our deep industry experience assists you in uncovering hidden barriers and untapped opportunities which lead to greater organizational improvements and business growth.
Midstream companies leverage PLG Consulting to best position various transportation infrastructure assets for the handling of:

  • crude oil
  • liquefied natural gas (LNG)
  • propane
  • ethane
  • refined products
  • and other commodities

For transportation companies and logistics service providers, the rapid changes in oil and gas markets over the last several years have presented both challenges and opportunities.  Major US railroadstrucking companiesliquid terminal companies, and other service providers have turned to PLG Consulting to provide actionable market insights and intelligence that have helped them capitalize on new opportunities within oil and gas logistics.

Smart upstream logistics and supply chain lead to sustained growth and profitability

For aid developing innovative logistics optimization strategies to deliver drilling supplies to the wellhead, exploration and production (E&P) and oilfield services (OFS), companies turn to PLG Consulting.

One of PLG’s specialties in oilfield services includes a particular focus on the costs and material handling challenges of the frac sand proppant. Our efforts to help clients gain competitive advantage include multiple vertically-integrated frac sand strategies, and consistent with our strength of capabilities, we are often asked to help manage the implementation of those strategies. Our services include:

Tracking and reporting of hydrocarbons by rail

PLG Consulting developed the methodology and is the backbone behind the US government’s Energy Information Administration (EIA) crude, ethanol, NGLs, and petroleum coke (petcoke) by rail reports.

Business Strategies that Eliminate Unnecessary Complexity

Terminal design and optimization

Your one-stop solution for the commercial, operational, and design optimization of both new and existing bulk terminal facilities. For oil and gas logistics, cost-efficient transportation and distribution are crucial to maximizing margins. PLG Consulting helps ensure that terminals and refineries have best-in-class design, operation, and management of oil and gas in-plant logistics and infrastructure.

Environment, health and safety (EH&S) compliance

PLG Consulting advises you on proper documentation, loading and unloading procedures, and equipment specifications for hazardous materials, including crude oil loaded at unit train loading and unloading facilities, ensuring full regulatory OSHA compliance as well as the safety of the general public.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) due diligence

PLG Consulting’s unique insights and expertise in oil and gas logistics have helped corporate clients in the valuation and risk mitigation of acquisition targets as well as provided post-transaction follow-up support to maximize opportunities for portfolio businesses.

Other services we have provided in the area of
oil and gas logistics include:

Project Examples


Major US refinery improves utilization and product velocity

Needing to boost capacity and reliability, this flagship US refinery engaged PLG to assess its outbound supply chain.  Using design and operations modeling, PLG Consulting enabled the client to improve throughput velocity better manage its outbound supply chain maximize...

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