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With specialized product characteristics and logistics needs, mined commodities are particularly exposed to transportation and logistics costs. This is because logistics frequently makes up a significant – often majority – portion of the delivered sale price. While this can present some risk for mined commodity businesses, for PLG Consulting clients, it actually represents an opportunity to turn logistics into a competitive advantage.

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PLG Consulting brings long-term solutions to mining and minerals logistics. We have delivered value to hundreds of clients and projects since 2001.

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Mining and minerals commodity logistics bring unique challenges including asset and infrastructure intensity, specialized handling equipment, changing units of measure across the supply chain, owned or leased assets (railcars, trailers, ships, barges) and complex freight negotiations.

We understand how the supply chain for mined commodities must be efficiently and cost-optimally integrated from mine mouth to processing to distribution and finished product delivery. You can rely on PLG Consulting to help ensure your logistics are best-in-class among your competition and also fully support your business and commercial objectives within your target markets.

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