Our deep experience in manufacturing supply chain delivers and actionable insights to grow your bottom line

With a team of consultants, many of whom ran the supply chain organizations of major manufacturing companies, PLG Consulting provides you decades of unique, specific expertise and experience in the logistics and supply chain of manufactured goods.

Our team also consists of transportation industry veterans from truck, intermodal, rail, and marine carriers.


How we help

Bring innovation to your manufacturing logistics and supply chain

For manufacturing companies, we drive client value through a range of services that help you improve margins and performance, including:

Logistics assessment and optimization
Driving operational improvements and cost savings in both upstream manufacturing supply chain and downstream distribution.

Strategic sourcing/procurement
Leveraging our supply chain experts for innovative approaches and integration with manufacturing.

Site selection
Helping you make the best decisions for both manufacturing sites and distribution facilities.

Improvements in in-plant manufacturing logistics, material handling, logistics assets, and site infrastructure.

Objective needs assessment and solution development and implementation to improve manufacturing logistics and supply chain reliability, visibility, and integration with ERP and accounting systems.

Sales and operations planning (S&OP)
Analyzing and refining your planning, manufacturing scheduling, inventory management, and other aspects of production that can improve performance and control costs.

For all of our projects, your right size/right fit team of experts have relevant backgrounds in your industry.

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