Green Energy

Low-carbon energy technologies require smart logistics strategies for profitable growth

PLG Consulting has had the honor and opportunity to help develop the supply chains for the next generation of green energy technologies.  With our customized, interdisciplinary approach PLG applies analysis, solution development, and implementation for low carbon energy sources for which the supply chain is still being invented.

From assessment and optimization, market analysis, site selection, operations, and other key supply chain elements PLG has helped to enable the commercial competitiveness and adoption of a broad range of clean energy sources.


How we help

PLG Consulting has a deep understanding of production costs, transport methods, and end market delivery solutions for what many consider to be the future transportation fuel for Class 8 trucks, locomotives, and other large equipment.

PLG Consulting has been at the forefront of the EV battery revolution, with particular emphasis on the sourcing and transportation of essential energy transition minerals necessary to fulfill the surging demand for EV batteries.

Since the advent of utility-scale wind development in North America began in the mid-2000s, PLG Consulting has assisted global wind OEMs and developers to optimize logistics and lower overall project costsWe helped to pioneer the transportation of wind energy components via rail, developing innovations in laydown yards, equipment specification, load securement, and railcar design. Other client work includes:

  • Multi-modal network optimization for wind component supply chains to wind farms to achieve the lowest total-cost-to-serve (TCS) for projects
  • Wind farm site delivery logistics feasibility assessments and planning
  • Comprehensive transportation procurement and turnkey fourth-party logistics services across all modes and continents
  • Project cargo vessel loading configurations and fixturing
  • Port site selection and evaluation
  • Project experience in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America

With the unique and diverse material requirements for grid storage batteries that goes beyond Li+, PLG Consulting brings insights on new battery technologies and the logistics of establishing large scale fixed storage at solar arrays, wind farms, and grid interconnect locations.  These installations are the critical “missing link” for reliability and future steady-state power supply from wind and solar to complement existing steady-state hydro supply.

PLG Consulting’s real-world logistics experience in green energy will catapult your growth.

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