Turn efficient chemical logistics into a competitive advantage

PLG Consulting brings extensive industry experience to your chemical logistics project. Our team consists of multiple senior-level logistics and operations chemical industry veterans who have managed the complex chemical supply chains of major shippers or served the chemical industry from the service provider side of the table. We are a team of practitioners that understands your issues because we’ve been in your seat. With transportation costs representing a significant portion of the sale price, PLG Consulting helps clients turn chemical logistics into a competitive differentiator.

Since its founding in 2001, chemical logistics has been a core competency of PLG. Our earliest engagements began with some of the largest chemical companies in the world, assisting with chemical transportation rate negotiations, site selection, distribution optimization, and a range of other services. We help deliver your chemical assets safely, cost effectively and on time.


How we help

PLG Consulting helps you drive operational performance and cost savings throughout your chemical supply chain:

  • Comprehensive chemical logistics assessments – spanning freight spend, assets, infrastructure, personnel, processes, technology, and other key elements of your chemical supply chain
  • Supply chain design and distribution network optimization
  • Technology solutions for chemical transportation, warehouse, and inventory management
  • Chemical plant design and engineering
  • Transportation and chemical logistics services procurement

PLG Consulting helps you enable growth and compete more effectively by leveraging logistics as a competitive advantage.

  • Optimization of chemical logistics to lower delivered costs and improve reliability vs. your competition in both domestic and global markets
  • Site selection for both new chemical facilities and chemical distribution terminals

Particularly involving hazardous materials, PLG Consulting helps you avoid potentially catastrophic issues and incidents throughout your chemical and plastics supply chain.

  • Health, environmental, safety, and security audits (EHS&S), programs, compliance, and training
  • Logistics infrastructure inspections and ongoing hazmat maintenance programs
  • Due diligence on acquisitions and service providers, including safety/security risk analysis and post-transaction mitigation initiatives

PLG Consulting helps guide your investments in chemical manufacturing, chemical distribution, and equipment assets for maximum ROI.

  • Due diligence around logistics and supply chain for mergers and acquisitions (M & A)
  • Buy vs. lease analysis and negotiations support for chemical logistics assets, including trucksrailcarsmarine equipment

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