Bulk Commodities

Hazardous or non-hazardous, liquid or dry, enhance your bulk logistics operations and improve your bottom line

Since 2001, PLG Consulting has built extensive domain expertise in bulk cargo logistics across multiple modes including rail, truck, marine, pipeline, and bulk terminals. Our bulk logistics know-how extends into virtually any commodity that can be transported in bulk form.

Shipping Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Materials

Logistics for bulk commodities brings unique challenges including asset and infrastructure intensity, specialized handling equipment, changing units of measure across the bulk supply chain, and complex freight negotiations.  PLG Consulting’s team of real-world industry experts aids shippers in addressing these challenges, reducing bulk logistics costs and improving operations across both liquid bulk logistics and dry bulk logistics.

Bulk commodities: Logistics as a competitive advantage and Bulk logistics services

For most bulk commodities, logistics represents a significant portion of their cost of goods sold. As a result, company profitability for bulk commodity producers is dramatically affected by logistics.

Shippers engage PLG Consulting for a range of bulk logistics solutions and support to enable operational improvement, lower costs, and competitive advantage through a variety of services.

Have you optimized your bulk logistics operations? For companies involved in bulk logistics, either as shippers, carriers, or investors, PLG Consulting’s special expertise in liquid bulk logistics and dry bulk logistics is unparalleled.

Bulk Logistics Services

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