Randy Walker

Senior Consultant

Nuclear/Hazardous Waste | Chemicals | Green Energy | Manufacturing

Randy is a highly skilled professional with extensive program development and management experience spanning DOE, DOT, DoD, DHS, EPA, DOC, NRC, and the commercial government contract sector. He specializes in transportation and project management and focuses on logistics security, technology integration, and hazardous/nuclear waste management.

His expertise includes the transport and safety of hazardous and radioactive/nuclear materials, waste disposition, and HAZMAT compliance training for all transport modes. With a successful track record in customized training program development, economic benchmarking for compliance, and mock DOT audits, Randy is internationally recognized for his subject matter expertise in developing technology-driven security and safety policies for the global freight supply chain.


  • Project Manager, Los Alamos National Laboratory Edgewater Technical Services
  • President, Walker & Associates
  • Program Manager/Bus. Dev/ Transportation & Packaging SME, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, UT-Battelle LLC
  • Manager, Transportation & Packaging, Lockheed Martin Corp.