Bill Rome

Senior Consultant

Oil and Gas | Pipeline | Mining, Minerals & Metals | Chemicals

With over 30 years of pipeline operations expertise, Bill has planned and managed tactical and strategic planning related to pipeline development. His expertise includes contract negotiations, engineering and construction services, field producer services, and the overall operations of gas control, technical services, pipeline operations, processing plants, liquid storage, and gas storage fields. He has developed and administered multi-million dollar budgets and negotiated billion-dollar natural gas take-or-pay claims.

Bill has senior-level experience evaluating potential acquisitions and partnerships. He has developed programs with the aim of minimizing exposure to deficiencies and litigation and has administered gas purchase contracts, gathering exchanges, and processing and operating agreements.


  • COO, Fairway Energy Partners
  • Vice President, Energy Maintenance Services
  • Enron North America
    ‒ President, Hanover Measurement Services
    ‒ VP, Gulf Coast Operations
    ‒ VP & GM, Field Producer Services
    ‒ VP, Gas Pipeline