Ed Palmer

Senior Consultant

Chemicals | Terminal | Warehousing | Truck

A solutions-driven logistical operations executive, Ed brings almost 40 years of practical experience from the shipper side with rail and truck procurement and operations. A veteran of chemicals, plastics, and coal transportation, among other industrial products, Ed’s broad experience in rail fleet acquisition, commercial negotiations, management, and maintenance delivers outstanding returns and improves complex and sophisticated logistical operations for enterprise organizations.

Other logistics experience includes hazmat management, ocean container and parcel tanker commercial negotiations, bulk liquid/solids warehousing, and terminalling.


  • Project Specialist, BISTen Inspections
  • Eastman Chemical Company
    ‒ Facilities & Sites Director, NA Logistics
    ‒ Rail & Truck Procurement Director
    ‒ Logistics Sourcing Manager
    ‒ Logistics Operations Manager
    ‒ Manager, Domestic Customer Service