Wayne Kennedy

Senior Consultant

Rail | Truck | Green Energy | Renewables

Wayne is an innovative technical executive with 20+ years of experience and proven expertise in fuel conservation/management systems and GHG emissions reduction technologies for both the rail and trucking industries.

He brings targeted experience with aerodynamic improvements and wind tunnel operations, deploying a 50-foot subsonic open loop wind tunnel to enhance efficient aerodynamic designs for rail cars, intermodal shipping containers, and locomotives. While at UP, he was responsible for shaping, deploying, and managing their fuel conservation strategy, attributed with saving over $1B in fuel expense and -12% fuel consumption. His mechanical engineering & quantitative analysis credentials have helped lead multiple large-scale technical programs.


  • Union Pacific Railroad
    • General Director, Fuel Conservation
    • Director Six Sigma
  • GE Transporation, Engineering Manager/Master Black Belt
  • Intermountain Design, Inc., FEA Design Engineer