Eric Johnson

Senior Consultant and Project Manager

Chemicals | Rail | Terminals | Marine

For over 20 years, senior executive Eric Johnson has been analyzing, developing, and managing rail-based transportation services for bulk and liquid commodities, including fertilizers. Eric’s experience in supply chain and project management includes developing and managing a $200M portfolio of import/export business for CSX Transportation. In that capacity, his history with rail, barge, and terminal shipping of chemicals has helped him recognize and correct supply/demand imbalances throughout his clients’ transportation value chain.

Eric began his career managing the global supply chain and logistics for two major fertilizer shippers, followed by operational leadership roles at Pakhoed Dry Bulk Terminals (Kinder Morgan). He has worked extensively in rail, barge, vessel, and truck transportation of various bulk commodities.


  • Market Manager, CSX Transportation
  • Director of Customer Service, Pakhoed (Kinder Morgan)