Bill Graham

Senior Consultant and Project Manager

Renewables | Oil and Gas | Pipeline | Green Energy

Bill has over 20 years of business development experience in the environmental services industry – specializing in renewable fuel production and distribution, transportation logistics, energy production, solid waste management, and site remediation. Bill’s additional areas of expertise and direct experience are in large‐scale facility siting, permitting and development, and project finance.

Most recently, he has been involved in the anaerobic digestion of organic wastes to produce transportation fuel and green energy, as well as direct gas pipeline working experience in negotiating long-term transport and ongoing operations. As a PLG project manager, he has completed several logistics and facility siting engagements over the past ten years.  This includes the coordination of an engineering and logistics team to design and configure a transport system, including a rail yard, on the largest wind energy project in North America.


  • Director of Project Development, DVO, Inc.
  • Vice President of Project Development, General Biofuels, S.A.
  • Solar & Wind Energy Project Finance, Banco Santander, S.A.
  • Project Manager / Vice President, Waste Solutions Group
  • Environmental Consultant, EBA Waste Technologies, Inc.