Phil Fisher

Senior Consultant & Project Manager

Oil and Gas | Truck | Marine

Phil began his career in refinery construction and engineering before moving on to commercial and engineering leadership roles for Chevron’s byproducts business unit.  He led sales for all of Chevron’s US refineries advanced to include refinery operations planning, capital investment strategies, investment analysis, cap and ops budgeting, and contracting. Further, he managed the sale of fuel grade and calcined petroleum coke, sulfur, and ammonia covering bidding and negotiating spot and term contracts, and price negotiations.

Following his time at Chevron, Phil has led an independent coke consulting business that has advised shippers, consumers, and investors on the optimal commercial terms and logistics for the global coke trade.  He has extensive experience in bulk materials logistics planning, port evaluations, terminal contracting, and supply chain optimization.


  • Consultant, Pet Coke Consulting, LLC
  • Sales Director – Refinery Byproducts, Chevron
  • Various commercial and engineering roles, Chevron