Ron Cormier

Senior Consultant

Chemicals | Oil and Gas | Marine | Pipeline

Ron is a deeply-tenured, industry professional with 36 years of experience in upstream, crude oil & gas, midstream/NGLs, refinery processes/fuels, and petrochemical feedstocks/derivatives.  His span of responsibilities and expertise includes engineering, operations, commercial, thought leadership, and P/L.  He has worked for some of the largest brands in the hydrocarbon market, including Dow Chemical, Dow Pipeline, Sunoco, and Chevron.

Most recently Ron served as senior advisor to Contanda Terminal Company, LLC’s growth initiative into bulk hydrocarbon storage, building upon the firm’s success during its first seventy years with food and agribusiness liquids at seventeen terminals in the US and Canada.  He is President and board member of the Southwest and Northeastern Chemical Associations.


  • Sr. Business Development Director, Contanda Terminals LLC
  • Sr. Vice President – Americas Downstream, Wood MacKenzie
  • Director of Corporate Business Development, GTC Technology
  • Business Manager – Olefin Products, Westlake Chemical
  • Senior Industry Manager
    ‒ BASF, Braskem, Sunoco
    ‒ JLM Chemical (Marubeni)
    ‒ Dow Chemical Co.