Jim Bramlett

Senior Consultant


Jim is a seasoned logistics executive with a history of innovation, leadership, and business development.  His experience at Yellow Transportation makes him one of the nation’s leading experts on LTL freight, helping them expand their product portfolio by $150M.  He has broad experience helping companies improve their shipping operations through lean logistics processes and technology implementation.

Following his tenure at Yellow,  Jim has been involved in multiple logistics industry ventures, including matching commercial shippers to LTL carriers, assisting with lead carrier recruitment, and process design and benefits for all parties in freight transactions.  A proficient negotiator and marketer, among multiple career accomplishments Jim expertly established new transportation segments and boosted revenues by +$15M in one year via business development reengineering.


  • CEO, 5 String Solutions
  • SVP Business Development, PHPI
  • SVP & GM LTL, uShip
  • CEO & President,
  • Yellow Transportation ‒ VP Service Marketing ‒ Director of Operations ‒ Manager of Operations Planning
  • VP Expedited Transportation, Skyway Freight System