Energy and Chemical

PLG’s premier team of oil and gas and chemical industry experts has decades of experience and delivers the real-world information necessary to facilitate safe and efficient product movement. Our team will work closely with you to streamline your logistical operations from field to terminal to customer. Expertly qualified in the energy and chemical markets, we offer the latest market analysis and perspective, and the quality solutions shippers, processors, and distributors need.


large chemical company

Already the market leader in resins, Eastman Chemical developed a new proprietary manufacturing technology that would allow the production of another resin with significantly lower energy and labor costs. Project V was initiated in order to select the site of a brand new resin plant, which would become the world’s largest at an annual capacity of 1.7 billion pounds. Logistics was a critical consideration for the site selection process in order to fully capitalize on the potential of the new manufacturing technology.

Scope of Services

  • Site selection project for a $1B resin plant
  • Ton-center network analysis, preliminary screening of over 40 initial prospect sites
  • On-site logistics due diligence at 12 semi-finalist sites in four states
  • Carrier negotiations, detailed cost analysis, site layout engineering at two finalist sites

PLG Expert Analysis and Results

  • Combined raw material logistics costs, demand forecast data, site operating costs, and finished goods transportation costs to develop a logistics cost model for each prospective site
  • Performed on-site logistics due diligence at 12 semi-finalist sites, including cost and risk analysis of rail routes and service, highway access, pipeline access, and port facilities; uncovered hidden risk exposures within transport modes and prospective service providers
  • Negotiated advantaged rates, service commitments, and capital investments from logistics providers as a condition of site selection
  • Designed and engineered optimized site logistics plan and transportation infrastructure for new plant, including rail access and storage, loading racks, port access, and roadways

national bulk liquids transportation company

Client needed feasible growth initiatives in all three business units, but was challenged by the current individual market conditions. Client requested strategic growth options assessments for each business unit relative to the 5 year growth projection of the unconventional oil and gas industry.

Scope of services

  • High-level analyses of the changing NA product streams for ethane / ethylene and propane / propylene, the material flow networks, and the associated bulk liquid carrier capacity density
  • High-level analyses of the transportation supply / capacity dynamics by North American region: Ports, terminals, depots, supply corridors, transloading facilities, loading facilities, and distribution centers
  • High-level analyses of emerging fracking technologies, fracking chemistries, shale deposits, sand logistics, and process supply capacities vs. to / from oil field transportation opportunities
  • High-level analysis of business threats and opportunities as shale deposits mature, oil and gas extraction practices evolve, and transportation networks develop

PLG Expert Analysis and Results

  • Identified three specific high growth product streams with concentration in the bulk truck transport market
  • Identified and prioritized seven bulk truck service regions with expansion opportunities and strong correlation to the high growth product streams
  • Identified and detailed an emerging logistics management leadership position in the oil shale regions that aligned with the client’s core competencies
  • Identified and detailed a specific geographic expansion location that directly correlated to and enabled growth in a high margin services sector within a business unit


The PLG Experts

Supply chain

Tim Rhoads

Senior Consultant

Tim is an accomplished 30-year chemicals supply chain professional with leadership experience in merger & acquisition, divestiture, and consolidation initiatives within two global matrix organizations. As a key member of PLG’s Chemicals Team, Tim delivers value to clients in both the chemical and oil & gas mid-stream markets.


  • Managing Partner, Kelekent Systems, LLC
  • Supply Chain Director, Arkema Coating Resins, UCAR Emulsion Systems & Monomers
  • Senior Supply Chain Manager, Dow Chemical Designed Polymers & Dow Latex


Supply Chain Strategy/Design

Logistics Design Improvements

Operations Cost Efficiency

Lean Six Sigma


Mike Spahis

Senior Consultant

Mike is an accomplished career logistics executive with over 30 years of experience in the petroleum, chemical, and metals industries. He has in-depth knowledge in a wide variety of disciplines, including commercial and operational logistics, logistics technology, and performance metrics across all transportation modes.


  • Director of Logistics, Commercial Metals Company
  • Manager Logistics and Customer Service, Methanex Corporation
  • Manager Corporate Logistics and Distribution, FINA Oil and Chemical Company


Petroleum, Petrochemical, and Plastics Supply Chain

Logistics Diagnostic Assessments

Common Carrier/Private Truck Fleet

Supply Chain Performance


Frank Boka

Senior Consultant

Frank is a chemical industry veteran with more than 40 years’ experience, and an industry expert who has worked extensively in all operational areas in the chemical sector. He has held positions in engineering, R & D, production, planning and logistics in Fortune 500 companies and independent ventures. Frank has also developed expertise by working in all aspects of purchasing over the past 15 years.


  • President, Encore Ventures, LLC
  • Category Manager, Dow Chemical Company
  • Global Procurement Manager/ Commodity Manager, Rohm and Haas


Strategic Sourcing

Procurement Process Design

Sales Operation & Planning (S&OP)

Process & Project Engineering


John O’Leary

Senior Consultant

John is an experienced professional with expertise in chemical logistics management, including transportation, customer service, purchasing and transportation policy and regulations. He has demonstrated success with organizational change, solving problems, negotiations, cost savings, regulatory compliance, and installing new business processes and systems.


  • Director, Logistics Services, Arkema, Inc.
  • Group Director, Logistics, Elf Atochem North America, Inc.
  • Supervisor, Traffic & Distribution, M & T Chemicals, Inc.
  • Traffic Analyst, American Can Company


Chemical Logistics

Transportation Regulations

Operations & Planning

Crude by rail / canada

Phil Ireland

Senior Consultant

Phil Is a senior level executive in supply chain management, asset sizing, strategy and network optimization achieved by working over 30 years in Canadian Pacific Railway. He has specific experience in developing crude by rail supply chain solutions including asset optimization and terminal development. Based in Calgary, AB, he brings special expertise in Canadian oil sands crude and the associated transportation, terminal, production and refining needs.


  • Board Member, Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad
  • V.P. Service Design & Asset Optimization, Canadian Pacific Railway


Railroad Operations

NA Freight RR Network

Strategic Assessment

Strategic Planning

Due Diligence


Energy logistics

Jay Olberding

Senior Analyst

As PLG’s lead analyst on energy, Jay plays a key role in research, analysis, and market forecasting in the flows of crude oil, NGLs, and natural gas in North America. Jay is a mechanical engineer with direct experience in the transportation of hazardous liquids , and has expertise in the distribution of fuel via rail and truck, and all related terminal activities.


  • Logistics Manager and Assistant Trader, M-Pact BioFuels, LLC
  • Commodity Trading Intern, BioUrja Trading, LLC


Crude By Rail

Digital Mapping

Energy Trading

Shale Oil & Gas

Energy Logistics

Logistics Optimization

Large Data Analysis

Visual Analytics

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