Large chemical manufacturer seeks to take advantage of the U.S. shale gas transformation

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Client is a large chemical manufacturer designing new operating units to take advantage of the U.S. shale gas transformation. Client requested PLG Consulting assist with site selection as well as lead the design and engineering of the associated logistics infrastructure. The logistics design needed to be collaborative with either a single site or dual site operating design and incorporate the lowest total installed cost (TIC). The logistics infrastructure design needed to incorporate multiple product hazard groups and specific product handling details.

Services Provided

  • Input on logistics strategy for multiple product streams based upon regional and export market opportunities/constraints
  • Designed and engineered multi-modal logistics infrastructure for new plant operating units (road, rail, marine, pipeline)
  • Provided site selection input based upon emerging market transportation and logistics factors
  • Delivered site selection input based upon leverageable assets and infrastructure
  • Upgraded existing logistics equipment and operational flow to more efficient industry norms


  • Identified and proposed two site designs – the best single site option and the best dual-site option
  • Proposed optimized product per logistics mode asset changes to best leverage known infrastructure
  • Delivered a logistics strategy and design to integrate raw material and product flow with new and existing producing sites for optionality of customer supply and transport mode
  • Delivered the cost-optimized operational logistics and associated detailed engineering work packages for the logistics assets, equipment, and support systems

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