International polymer producer seeks to optimize their export supply chain by selecting a North American warehouse and packaging location

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One of the world’s largest international petrochemicals manufacturers was seeking a way to optimize their export supply chain by selecting a North American warehouse and packaging location(s), enabling them to respond to the needs of their customers in key markets around the world.

PLG’s team of experts was engaged to conduct a market study to understand the current market dynamics and identify viable third-party providers across several North American regions.  After successful completion of the market study, PLG was asked by the client to identify the top third-party packaging/warehousing candidates for the RFI and RFP phases.  PLG constructed RFI and RFP documents based on their industry background and knowledge. PLG managed all aspects of the selection, documentation, and communication process with the client to target the most qualified candidates for service contract negotiations utilizing both qualitative and quantitative selection measures.

Services Provided

Phase I – Packaging and Warehousing Market Analysis

  • Provided a current packaging and warehousing market overview
  • Provided a detailed qualitative geographic analysis by region and specific provider locations
  • Developed a detailed cost-to-serve model for each location from production facility to warehouse to the representative international customer destinations
  • Incorporated an analysis for innovative solutions including international warehousing and in-plant solutions
  • Provided technical and market insights for plastic packaging and warehousing
  • Identification of risks and mitigations for each scenario such as weather, growth, congestion
  • Developed recommendations and identified path forward (RFP process) for viable third-party providers

Phase II – RFI/RFP Selection Process

  • Facilitated an inter-department company workshop providing market overview and step by step review of the entire process to build a comprehensive RFI and RFP proposal
  • Provided the construction of RFI and RFP documents and communication guidance with the client for the participants
  • Developed and built the RFI review and scoring matrix
  • Conducted a workshop to review RFI results and down-select for RFP
  • Facilitated meetings with the RFP finalists with the Client to review capabilities and RFP responses
  • Facilitated both the RFI and RFP review scoring process


  • Identified over fifty potential solutions, narrowing down to nine qualified providers of warehousing and packaging solutions
  • Analyzed eleven potential export ports with the final selection of one primary port and one backup alternative
  • Constructed and managed the RFI and RFP process, utilizing PLG’s scoring matrix to evaluate the results
  • With PLG’s guidance and expertise, the client narrowed down the three finalists to one top selection for becoming their warehousing and packaging service provider

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