Expanding national chemical company gets help with growing pains

in Case Study

Client is one of the leaders in the chemical industry with nationwide product coverage through a series of private and public terminals. Their business has grown significantly and become inefficient. They needed to determine how to improve their efficiency with both assets and personnel.

Services Provided

  • Gathered baseline data and analyzed key process components
  • Prioritized list of high impact short and long term improvement opportunities
  • PLG Consulting facilitated a cross functional team comprised of people involved in the order fulfillment process. Current onsite order fulfillment process flows were created at a detailed level
  • The teams then proceeded to map the “ideal” or “perfect” process and then moved on to design the “to be” process
  • Identified inefficiencies and pain points during the process in addition to the root cause of the reasons
  • Established cross functional improvement teams to address the improvement opportunities


  • Company came away with specific and measurable improvement opportunities categorized by ease of implementation, business impact and difficulty of implementation
  • Company adopted recommended process flows at a detailed level and realized process improvements

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