A leading US bulk trucking and logistics provider seeks best growth options for unique business units

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Client is a large trucking and logistics provider in the US. PLG Consulting was engaged to perform strategic plan assessments on each of three business units: chemicals, energy, and intermodal. PLG Consulting presented the “highest/best” growth options for each business unit relative to the positive implications of the US energy and manufacturing upturns, and developed specific action plans for each business unit.

Services Provided

  • Performed an objective assessment of client’s financial performance, market penetration, competitor SWOT, and business operations management discipline for each of the three business units
  • Performed a deep dive analysis into customers and markets representing client’s best growth opportunities, including identifying key drivers supporting long-term demand for client’s services


  • Identified and prioritized seven bulk truck service regions with expansion opportunities and strong correlation to the high growth product streams
  • Identified and detailed a specific geographic expansion location that directly tied to and enabled growth in a high margin services sector within a business unit
  • Identified three specific high growth chemical product streams with a concentration in the bulk truck transport market and connected the client to specific chemical shipper locations
  • Identified and detailed an emerging logistics management leadership opportunity in the oil shale regions that aligned with the client’s core competencies

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