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    Trade & Industry Development Article: Charging Ahead: Unveiling the Dynamics of the Energy Transition Supply Chain

    Trade & Industry Development Article Charging Ahead: Unveiling the Dynamics of the Energy Transition Supply Chain

    Published on January 10, 2024 | Written by Chris Bonura 
    The modern world is on the cusp of an energy transition that will change the way we power our lives. Demand is growing for the commodities that play a critical role in the energy transition and the circular economy, such as lithium and nickel ores, renewable fuels, and a new generation of recycled plastics. While there are still many hurdles to cross, it's clear that the race has begun. Behind the scenes supporting...

    PLG Consulting Appoints Matt Morrow, New COO, to Lead the Next Phase of the Company’s Growth

    To continue its substantial growth, PLG Consulting has appointed a professional services operations veteran to the role of COO. PLG Consulting, a Chicago-based leading logistics and supply chain consulting firm for the industrial economy, today announced the appointment of Matt Morrow as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO). He previously served as EVP of Operations and Managing Director for the consulting firm AIP Group. For over 20 years, PLG Consulting has been at the forefront of helping senior executives from the world’s largest shippers, transportation companies, and private equity firms to solve their most complex logistics and supply chain solutions. With...

    Inbound Logistics Article: How to Leverage Rail Intermodal

    Inbound Logistics Article:  How to Leverage Rail Intermodal

    Published on October 17, 2023 | Written by Karen Kroll
    . Intermodal shipping presents challenges, but it also offers great opportunities and benefits. Follow these strategies to help ensure your intermodal shipments move as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible. "More shippers could take advantage of rail intermodal, as traffic has fallen recently. U.S. rail intermodal traffic for the first eight months of 2023 was 8.3 million intermodal units, down about 9.2% from 2022, the Association of American Railroads (AAR) reports. Yet in 2022, U.S. rail intermodal volume accounted for approximately 27% of revenue for major U.S. railroads, more than any other rail traffic segment. One driver...

    Trade and Industry Development Article: Readying Supply Chains for the Coming Energy Revolution

    Trade & Industry Development Magazine:"Readying Supply Chains for the Coming Energy Revolution"

    Published on March 29, 2023 | Written by PLG Consulting's Chris Bonura
    .Even 40 years ago, pop culture understood that the way we power transportation would ultimately have to change. In the coda to the 1985 movie Back to the Future, Doc Brown opens a fusion hatch on his time-traveling DeLorean to refuel it with trash. Today, we're on the cusp of a transportation fuel breakthrough, even if we're not yet refueling at the garbage can. As the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and other government policies...

    Commentary: Supply Chain Chaos and Sky-High Costs Could Continue into 2023

    According to, all signs point to a prolonged trucking rally with carriers seeing a 'high tide' rally extending into 2021.  According to the carrier U.S. express, three primary catalysts – higher driver turnover, declining TL capacity, and “overwhelming” volumes – will place upward pressure on rates through 2021. Continue reading >>

    Chris Bonura Joins PLG Consulting as Director of Client Services

    PLG Consulting is pleased to announce that Chris Bonura has joined the company in the role of Director of Client Services.  In his role as Director of Client Services,  Chris is responsible for managing consulting projects, contributing to consulting projects as a subject matter expert and serving as a product manager for a planned industrial site search platform.  Chris joins PLG Consulting with a diverse supply chain background and a broad perspective derived from working in analyzing multiple transportation modes over the last 20 years. His areas of expertise include site selection and lease negotiation of logistics-related facilities; the acquisition of...

    Inbound Logistics Article: Intermodal Meets the Moment

    Inbound Logistics Article:  Intermodal Meets the Moment

    Published on May 11, 2021 | Written by Thomas Gresham
    Inbound Logistics.In a supercharged supply chain, intermodal's value grows more evident than ever. These standout companies are contributing to its bright future.Through changing conditions, behaviors, and preferences in the freight market, the strengths of intermodal as a shipping option have endured over the years, according to Philip Evers, associate professor of supply chain management at the University of Maryland. "The advantages of intermodal are the same ones they've always been," he says. "It's a relatively low-cost and effective method of shipping...

    PLG Consulting and Strategic Development Group Announce Partnership

    PLG Consulting and Strategic Development Group Announce Partnership

    ‘Best in Class’ Logistics and Supply Chain Excellence with Premier Site Selection Expertise
    Chicago, IL, November 11, 2020 – PLG Consulting of Chicago, IL and Strategic Development Group (SDG) of Columbia, SC today announced a strategic partnership that provides major industrial customers, transportation and logistics service providers, and other investors with a powerful slate of services for managing complex projects involving new capital investment and supply chain/logistics design and optimization. Terms of the partnership include joint integration of each team’s consulting expertise for small to large-scale projects where clients are...

    James Shefelbine Joins PLG Consulting as Executive Vice President

    PLG Consulting is pleased to announce that James Shefelbine has joined the company in the role of Executive Vice President.  In his role as Executive Vice President, James is responsible for expanding PLG Consulting’s business by presenting its unique blend of expertise and experience to new and existing clients in the industrial economy through coordinated campaigns, customer engagements and industry events.  James comes to PLG Consulting with a wealth of experience in the transportation marketplace, having spent his career helping railroads and their customers grow their businesses.  James has held a number of operating, operations research, finance and marketing...