Keys for Selecting the Right Consulting Partner

Achieve more success

At PLG, we understand that effective project management practices drive more successful project outcomes for your business. We also recognize the unique and complex logistics and supply chain challenges that companies face. However, not every company possesses the specific expertise in-house to achieve its desired results.

Empower your business

With decades of project management experience, PLG Consulting empowers companies to conquer logistics and supply chain challenges for greater success.

Let’s unlock the five essential keys for choosing the perfect consulting partner.

What makes a successful client engagement?

Understand your company's project goals


Implement process improvements





PLG consultants offer practical and proven project management expertise to enhance your business performance and achieve success in meeting your desired project goals.

Build the right consulting expertise from the start

Three Important Questions to Ask:

Does your organization possess the necessary internal knowledge and expertise to overcome your current challenges and achieve success?

Does your company have the time and bandwidth to achieve your desired results?

Does your company require an outside perspective to ensure that you have considered all angles and possibilities?

So, why hire a business consultant?

Because you require specific knowledge and expertise to obtain your company goals.

You want a team that has the ability to pull in specific expertise from a roster of consultants as required.

Your company deserves a team that will offer dedication, flexibility, and diligence to deliver the invested value. Consider the “fit” for your size and type of business.

PLG Consulting stands out with a highly-skilled team of professionals boasting decades of experience in project management, logistics, and supply chain disciplines. Our team provides an unparalleled breadth and depth of skills and knowledge in our core industries. We can flex and adapt our expertise for specific engagement needs.

Understand your consulting partner’s methodology and approach

What does a business consultant/project manager do for your company?

They get to know you, your business, and your company needs to implement a successful outcome.

To best understand and reap the benefits from a consulting partner, you need to understand their project management methodology and approach.

PLG Consulting applies a disciplined approach, using tailored business practices to deliver successful outcomes aligned with your business needs to drive tangible results. With a holistic view of your business and supply chain goals, we simplify complex organizational processes and technical challenges, ensuring real business outcomes.

The PLG Approach



Thoroughly evaluate the identified business challenges



Obtain and incorporate key participants along with project-specific PLG resources



Provide weekly updates throughout the project life cycle



Execute the final project findings for long-term success

Our project managers are diligent in working with our clients and incorporate the following disciplines around our methodology and approach for each project effort. Our specific methods and tools include:

PLG will include a detailed project approach with project outline, goals, timeline, and budget.
Upon project award, PLG provides a detailed project plan, project phases, milestones, risks, & communication plan.
PLG project manager introduces team members of all parties, outlines project plan, deliverables, & next steps.
PLG project manager holds weekly status meetings with Client and associated team members, identifying any risks.
Upon project end, PLG project manager provides a summary noting process used, results, & value delivered to Client.

Collaborate for an effective and sustainable engagement

For a successful and sustainable engagement, client involvement throughout the project life cycle is essential. An experienced project manager will ensure that this crucial collaboration is achieved.

PLG Consulting project managers provide guidance, thought leadership, diligence, and milestone action plans, fostering a close partnership with the client and their dedicated team members. PLG is committed to the success of the project on all levels ensuring ongoing collaboration and an ultimate sustainable engagement.

What to expect
from PLG

Clear communication

Weekly cadence calls with the project manager

Agile methodology

Project managers utilize ‘The PLG Approach’ offering discipline and guidance throughout the project


Client involvement throughout each phase of the project life cycle

Data-driven decision-making

Provide associated expertise for given project objectives


Adjust as necessary from findings, communicate, and redirect

By employing these tactics, PLG and our clients work together to deliver successful outcomes that drive results.

Ensure Successful Implementation and Enduring Partnership

Prior to hiring a business consultant, assess their client success record and commitment to fostering long-term relationships for future opportunities. Ensure the project time and investment will maximize the benefits for your business. Here are some helpful project engagement metrics that equate to success.

Project Management Metrics

Customer Satisfaction

Were the client’s expectations met throughout the life cycle of the project?

Due Diligence

Did the project manager and team thoroughly evaluate and research to meet project expectations?


Were project milestones completed on schedule?

Return on Investment

Did the client reap the benefits from the project efforts?

Alignment with Business Goals

Did the client achieve their business goals?

PLG project management methodologies prioritize critical metrics for project success and sustainability. Our team stays informed about our clients’ market and business, actively communicating strategic changes or enhancements observed in the marketplace during and after the project. We have a proven track record of success with clients engaging PLG in secondary engagements or implementation support.

PLG cultivates partnerships with our clients through successful engagements. We highly value opportunities for long-term collaboration.

As we earn the trust of each of our new clients, we work hard to foster enduring partnerships to support their business growth and expansion in the future.

Let PLG be your KEY to success!